About Me

My name is Hester Reik and I counsel people who are caring for their loved ones with dementia. I am both a medical doctor and a member of the American Counseling Association. Although I spent many years in training, I learned more about caregiving and dementia from caring for my mom than I did in all my years of medical training and practice. The hands on experience, the emotional upheaval and difficulties with communications together taught me the most important things I know about caregiving in dementia. My medical knowledge helped me ask doctors the right questions and avoid giving her unnecessary medications. But it was the struggle to communicate with my mom, the sometimes tangled interactions with my siblings, and the need to do everything right that proved the most stressful.

Caregiving in dementia is easier when we use the intimate knowledge we have of our loved one, the life skills we have acquired over a life-time, psychological insights we have and the understanding we have taken from book learning. Most of all, our capacity to help stems from love and care.

To improve my knowledge and expertise I returned to school to do additional post-graduate work in general counseling, grief counseling, gerontology, group therapy and mental health diagnosis.

My credentials:
* Yale Medical School graduate M.D. degree
*  Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at Yale New Haven Hospital
*  Internal Medicine practice
* Disability evaluation specialist
* Elder counselor
* Dementia consultant and evaluation specialist
* Expert in direct dementia care
* Per diem care consultant for Hebrew Health Care
* Member ACA