Caregiver Counseling Counseling was conceived as a way to help people navigate the journey that is caregiving to an ill loved one. It is primarily geared to those caring for people with dementia (of any type), but much of the general advice is applicable to those assisting a loved one with a chronic long-term physical illness. 

Care giving in dementia is so grueling because dementing illnesses can last for a few years to a couple of decades. Many people with dementing illness have the problem for many years. Whether your relative has a chronic medical problem or especially some form of dementia I hope you will get some assistance here. 

In addition to links to helpful websites for information on Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Lewy-body or Parkinson’s dementia, my hope is to help you with the most difficult aspects of caring for someone with dementia and those are: communication and behaviors.

The other problem that can plague caregivers is dealing with our own troublesome emotions. Negatives thoughts and feelings, resentments and guilt are common when caregiving. I hope to offer some tips to help you recognize and understand those emotions without having guilt. They are so common as to be universal.

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If your loved one has any form of dementia or any medical illness that requires your part time or full time care, you will find the resources here to help you advocate for her or him. Hopefully, together we can make you and your loved one’s experiences easier.

These areas are particularly important
* Caregiver stress and burnout
* Understanding your reactions and emotions
* Managing behavioral signs of medical illnesses and dementia
* Helping you with tangled communications and shifting needs
* Navigating complex family dynamics
* Recognizing anticipatory and prolonged grief
* Assisting you advocate for your loved one in professional and health care settings

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